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Breastfeeding Latch

Download our brochure on the 8 Criteria of a Correct Latch

Breastfeeding Latch Brochure

Proper Breastfeeding Latch Brochure

Print the Correct Breastfeeding Latch download. It is one page.
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Eight Criteria of a Proper Latch

  • The chin is touching the breast.
  • The flow of milk will go towards the top and back of the mouth.
  • The nipple is centered in the mouth.
  • The baby's gums will compress the sinuses beneath the areola and not the nipple tissue.
  • The lips are flanged fish-like around the breast.
  • The tongue is cupped below the nipple so that the nipple is between the roof of the baby's mouth and his tongue.
  • The mother experiences no breast or nipple pain as the infant suckles.
  • The baby should have a swalloing pattern of "Close-Open-Pause-Close-Open-Pause."

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